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Clifford R. Brown - Upper Marlboro, MD

Updated: Jun 16

Why don’t you tell us about yourself, how would you describe yourself?

I was born in Southeast, Washington, DC. however, I currently do not reside there after joining the Marine Corps in 1984 and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1991. I am an author of 3 books of poetry, All Hail the Black Queen, Poetry for Your Soul, The Edge of the Cliff, and Women Raising Son and my first novel The Promise, and a stage play entitled The Church Next Door.

What do we need to know about your professional life?

As an Emergency Manager, I see firsthand the value of preparedness. I want to encourage and teach organizations, families, and individuals to prepare. My passion is to help people navigate the world of dating, to build stronger relationships that ultimately lead to lifelong marriages.

What would you say is something that makes you stand out from others?

First and foremost learning! I try to remain in a place of humility where I am receptive to learning from anyone. Next is opportunity, the opportunity to help others and address the urgent issues facing our community and finally being able to engage like-minded people in productive dialogue that produces tangible results.

Single or married? Tell us why you make a great mate?

I am happily married to the greatest gift ever. Loving a person is easy, but loving a person is not the same as being a great mate. Love is an emotion born from an intellectual decision. I decide daily to treat my wife like she means the world to me, to do all I can to protect and provide spiritually, physically, and mentally. I have learned that I don't have to address everything which is different from allowing issues to go on unresolved. I learned that my wife is not perfect and it is not her job to make me happy that is my responsibility. It is not her role to make me whole that is my responsibility. I try to listen to absorb and learn instead of listening to respond. Finally, I try to do what she asks me to do as long as it within reason. My rule is you can have all of me, but you cannot have my manhood.

What is something that you hope to improve about yourself?

The obvious is getting in shape which I am working on. Being more patient and having greater compassion for people. Become a better, husband, father, and friend.

What words of advice would you give to black men concerning staying positive in today's times?

Stay away from anything that portrays black men in a negative light; rap music, television, social media or mainstream news, or even family or friends, until you are able to understand that because people say it, people think it or some black men exhibit it, doesn't make it part who you are. Give yourself permission to cry, hurt, be sad, be disappointed and be frustrated. As black men we begin bottling up our emotions in elementary school, let them out in a productive manner. Learn your true history, learning your true history will help you understand the why. Finally, be proud, despite the attempts by many in our society to put in place laws and practices designed to destroy the black man, we are still standing, we are still fighting! Never stop fighting!

Name three things you can’t live without.

God. My faith is the most valuable thing in my life. I cannot live without trying to uplift all people but specifically people of color. I cannot live without purpose!

What advice would you give men on marriage and raising a family?

The important thing we can and should do prior to marriage is to learn self. What motivates you, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what are your goals, where do you see yourself in the future. This may seem simple, without knowing this you will look for a wife that does this for you and that is not her role. Slow down, marriage is serious and each step on the way to the aisle, meeting, dating, relationship, engagement is vital to the success of the marriage. Be there, show up every day and be willing to learn, forgive and restore your marriage daily. As it relates to family, forget everything you were taught! You have to determine where you plan to lead your family and the best way to reach that destination. Invest the time! Our wives and kids want time, they want to know they are the most important thing in our life. Never trade money for time!

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