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Life After Troop - Steven Russell Harts

Updated: Jun 16

Our team got the chance to hang out with Steven. Here's how the interview went.

Where do you currently live?

Dallas Texas

We would love to hear all about you so type as much as you like here...

Singer-songwriter, producer, lead singer of the platinum group "Troop" and writer with the production team The Underdogs. I've written for the likes of Chris Brown, Tank, Tyrese, Charlie Wilson, Ruben Studdard, Jennifer Hudson, B2K, Marques Houston, and many many more.

As a celebrity, what do you have coming up or that's currently out that you would like for us to share with the world?

I'm now producing and directing my own films for my own steaming company "Blaqbox" and I raise roller pigeons as a hobby. I also love to draw.

What is something that most people don't know about you that they would be amazed to know?

My solo projects include Steve Russell/So Random Steven Russell Harts/The Wedding Singer Steven Russell Harts/Swept Away Steven Russell Harts/ The Love Songs Vol. 1&2 Lil Steve/Trapsody Troop/ The B-Sides Troop/The Slow Songs Troop/Deepa Revisited Troop/MayDay 2K17.

remember you are a portion of God having a physical experience - Steven Russell Harts

Single or married? Tell us why you make a great mate?

Married and I'm just a great catch! Lol

What is something that you hope to improve about yourself?

I'm working daily on mastering my thoughts and vibrational frequency.

What words of advice would you give to our audience concerning staying positive in today's times?

Put self first; be very protective of your energy. Make sure you focus on the outcome you want, nothing else! Feel good about your success before you actually see it!

Name three things you can’t live without?

Pigeons, Weed, Family, and being happy.

What is your secret to manifestation?

Focusing on the outcome I want and feeling that feeling of success I want in the now.

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