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Life on The Other Side Of Cancer

Updated: Jun 16

Thom Washington

LA, California

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I'm a husband, a father, a pastor, a singer-songwriter, a chemist, and a Cancer survivor! My life has been a journey of learning, sharing, and serving. I believe everything that you experience is for a reason. I am a lover of people so I've dedicated it to serving and giving. Little did I know that cancer would be something I'd be able to speak and share on. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. The most challenging chapter of my life thus far. The doctors gave up but the God that I serve said not so. From the journey, my family was featured on HG TV " Extreme Home Makeover" where they built us a new house for our community work. As a singer-songwriter, I have a project coming about speaking of this miraculous journey called NEVERTHELESS and the first single "BREATHE" is climbing the gospel charts. Bringing awareness to colon cancer screening and faith!

What made you start doing your brand/mission?

My brand was always that of purpose and giving but my cancer diagnosis set me on my mission of awareness and faith.

What is your brand/mission all about?

Surviving, Believing, and Conquering.

How are you perfectly fit for your brand/mission?

I'm experiencing it from a unique perspective where I can relate to those going through it and those affected by it.

How does your brand service others?

It brings hope, love, and understanding. I believe that is lacking in our current social situation.

What makes your brand/mission different from others who provide the same service?

I believe I'm bringing the universal art of music to open people up where the conversation stops. Music is such a powerful vehicle for a message.

What makes you, you? Why are you unique?

My life experiences are so eclectic. I've been through a lot and have observed a lot. As a pastor, I've seen so many aspects of life, and have an understanding of what most of us are going through.

If you were given a stage with a million people, what would you do? Talk, sing, read, dance? Talk to us there and let us know what it would look like.

I'd do it all! A journey has layers and if you are presenting a journey it should show that. Even my project is a journey from song to song. Every aspect has meaning....the lyric...the music...the instrument choices....the mood...the key....the formation. It all works together.

What is the world missing that you think you can give?

Love and Understanding. That's what I bring.

Tell us about a time when you were broken. How did you overcome it?

My lowest points in life led to moments of decision: Do I give up or keep going. I chose to keep going. I believe we all have a fighter inside. I found mine in faith and realized that I am more than a conqueror. I live that each day.

What does confidence mean to you? When did you realize that you were truly walking into it?

Confidence is a firm belief that you exude. When someone told me pretty much I was going to die...I had to prove that wrong. That's when I walked into it.

We all should be the examples that we didn't have growing up, how do you live up to this?

I'm courageous enough to be transparent and share my experience. My challenges and vulnerabilities are out in the open to help those who may need to see there is hope.

Name three things you can’t live without?

Faith, Family, Truth

How do you overcome fear?

Fear is sometimes just not real. My real victory in overcoming fear is dissecting the lies in it. Once exposed you find what's real and what's not and the solutions come from there.

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